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President of The National Cat Club, Louis Wain claimed in an interview in 1896 that his "fanciful cat creations" were first suggested to him by Peter, his black & white cat.

"Paying Visits" 1904 Postcard

"Merry Christmas!" Postcard

Cats -- Dave Barry
"Cats are less loyal than dogs, but more independent." (This is code. It means: "Cats are smarter than dogs, but they hate people.") Many people love cats. From time to time, newspapers print stories about some elderly widow who died and left her entire estate, valued at $3,200,000, to her cat, Fluffkins. Cats read these stories, too, and are always plotting to get named as beneficiaries in their owners' wills. Did you ever wonder where your cat goes when it wanders off for several hours? It meets with other cats in estate-planning seminars. I just thought you should know.

"Unhappy and Curly" 1904 Postcard
published by Raphael Tuck 

Louis Wain Post Card C1904
"Bathing Cats A Mourning Dip"
1904 by Lois Wain

The Raphael Tuck Company began in London, England in 1866 and sold frames and pictures. Raphael Tuck's three sons joined the business in 1871 and published their first Christmas greeting card. One of the sons, Adolph Tuck, produced their first picture postcard in 1894 of Mt. Snowden in Wales, which was sold to tourists at the site.

The TUCK Company entered the American postcard market in 1900 and maintained an office in New York. American artists designed the postcards and they were printed in Germany and England and returned to the U.S. for sale. Most records of the TUCK history were destroyed during the bombing blitz of London during World War II, including the original paintings the postcards were produced from.